O. Ağır - Trio per archi

commissioned by the Zeeuwse Concertzaal for the Mostly Modern Festival 2023

written for the Brunsvik String Trio

O. Ağır - Meyrik per soprano, bağlama e fiati

Lament written for the victims of the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

Soprano: Aylin Sezer

Bağlama: Orkun Ağır

Philips Harmonie o.l.v. Matty Cilissen


O. Ağır - Mesra per violoncello solo

Violoncello: Marlies Muijzers

O. Ağır - Duo Concertante per due bağlama

Rehearsing my new “Duo Concertante per due bağlama” together with Barış Kadem. An excerpt from the second movement titled "Vivace, poco scherzando”


F. Say - First Songs: IV. Bu Kekre Dünyada

Rehearsing this beautiful song of Fazıl Say for the first time together with violist Michelle Pritchard.

The song is composed on a poem of Metin Altıok who fell victim to the Sivas massacre on this day (2nd of July) in 1993 and died several days later.


F. Say - First Songs: I. Düşerim

Warming up with Fazıl Say's first songs at Muziekgebouw Eindhoven.


Oorwarmers Podcast (NL) - 40. Orkun Ağır


Six songs on poems of Anatolian poets - II. Dertli Dolap

by Orkun Ağır and Rianne Wilbers


"Yunus’ words have never been set to music in a better way. Orkun’s work is pure and confronting."
- Ataol Behramoğlu
"Ağır is not an ordinary composer nor an ordinary bağlama-player. This is outstanding music that is superbly performed by both musicians." - Jonas Meyer
This is a video we made back in 2016 of the second song (on a poem of Yunus Emre)
of my song cycle for soprano and bağlama

Preludio di Quintetto per viola solo

by Michelle Pritchard


Bağlama Quintet: Vivace

by Orkun Ağır and Antarja Quartet


Septetto - Quasi Una Fantasia

by Neue Musik Ensemble Aachen


Early release on BandCamp, click on the link!

Michelle Pritchard - Ağır: Preludio di Quintetto per viola solo


“I am really taken by Orkun Ağır’s music.
It is emotionally authentic” - Christopher Bowen (OAM)
“Ağır’s Preludio is a lonely work imbued with passion.
I hear echoes of Bartók, Ligeti and Penderecki” - David Hush


Ağır & Penderecki - Chamber Works



POM Good Virus Sessions



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