Orkun Ağır (*1990, Zwolle) is a Dutch composer of contemporary classical music, musician, music theorist and music pedagogue based in Eindhoven. He is partially self-thought and studied composition, bağlama and Ottoman music with respectively Oscar van Dillen, Kemal Dinç and Kudsi Ergüner and followed classes and masterclasses of among others Dr. Martin Greve, Melih Duygulu and Erkan Oğur at the conservatory in Rotterdam. He is widely praised for the dramatic and introvert signature in his works as well as his fastidious craftsmanship. As an internationally celebrated composer and musician that is mostly known for his chamber and solo works, he is often applauded by contemporary pioneers and criticized by conservatives for the controversial changes he made to the bağlama; “To make the instrument more "concert-worthy", to be able to use it in a European classical/contemporary context”. Ağır teaches music theory, bağlama, guitar and piano at Muziekatelier Eindhoven, he is the founder and conductor of the Eindhoven Anatolian Music Choir, artistic leader and co-founder of art collective Entr'acte and he is connected to the conservatory of Mannheim as a guest teacher.




“I work on one or more compositions every night; For me, writing music is like processing the day, more or less like a form of self-therapy. Each commission is like an empty diary that is handed over in which I write now and then."




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